Driving Lessons

William personally teaches driving and stick to his student until they pass the exam.
The instructor at Philo Driving School has divided the driving lessons into three main factors.

  • The Selection of Car
  • The Experience
  • The Lesson Package

Car Selection

With the most used yet reliable transmission of automatic cars, William has a command over automatic transmission.

In Australia, automatic cars are in fashion. However, you need to inform the instructor of your selection of transmission. We entertain automatic vehicles and have the gift of turning an average person into a fully-fledged driver.

The Experience

Are you a fresh driver or need to get back into practice?

Whatever the situation is, you need to share that with our experienced instructor of a known driving school in Australia, William.

Your experience will help us decide which package would be the most suitable for you. An expert’s advice is what one should consider.

The Lesson Package

Finally, your lesson package will be prepared.
Choose wisely and make the best decision because it is your time to drive on the beautiful roads of Australia. Your lesson package can be customized. It will be drawn upon your experience and the transmission you desire to learn on.

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Where you learn to drive and become a safe driver for life.
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Copyright @ by William D’Souza. All rights reserved.

Copyright@ by William D’Souza. All rights reserved.